Wine List

We maintain a good range of carefully selected wines and generally will have most of the following available:

Sparkling | White | Red | Rosé | Dessert & Port

Red Wines

Soft & Velvety

Their velvety texture lends themselves to be drunk with a diverse variety of white and red meat dishes.

Shiraz, Bushranger (Australia)

125ml £3.25, 175ml £4.40, 250ml £5.80 Bottle £16.50

Malbec, Finca Don Mauro (Argentina)

125ml £3.50, 175ml £4.75, 250ml £6.15 Bottle £18.00

Rioja Tinto, Navajas (Spain)

125ml £3.50, 175ml £4.75, 250ml £6.15 Bottle £18.00

Primitivo Negroamaro, Bacca Nera (Italy)

Bottle £20.00

Full Bodied & Rich

Big, bold and indulgent wines to enjoy with the richest of dishes, exceptional with fine cuts of beef.

Ripasso Valpolicella, Superiore San Cassiano (Italy)

125ml £5.40, 175ml £7.35, 250ml £10.20 Bottle £30.00

Vieux Chàteau des Combes Grand Cru St.Émilion (Bordeaux, France)

Bottle £35.00

Amarone Classico, Tedeschi (Italy)

Bottle £51.00

Fruity & Smooth

With a delicate nature, these are wonderful on their own or with lighter dishes, especially good with pork.

Merlot, La Laguna (Chile)

125ml £3.30, 175ml £4.60, 250ml £5.90 Bottle £17.00

Pinot Noir, Avant-Garde Domaine Carneros (Napa, California)

Bottle £33.00

Fleurie 'St Laurent d'Arpayé', Chàteau de l'Abbaye (Beaujolais, France)

Bottle £30.00

Intense & Spicy

Robust wines to marry with strong flavours across the menu and particularly good with red meat dishes.

Cabernet Carmenere, Casa Silva 'Family' (Chile)

Bottle £21.00

Rioja Crianza, Santiago (Spain)

Bottle £24.50

Tannat, Bodegones del Sur (Uruguay)

Bottle £25.00

Malbec, Verum (Patagonia, Argentina)

125ml £5.40, 175ml £7.35, 250ml £10.20 Bottle £30.00

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